Webcast: An Integrated View of the Energy Sector

ABB's 25-year Electricity and Fuel Price Outlook for North America

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Watch “An Integrated View of the Energy Sector”, ABB’s presentation of the environmental, power and fuels price forecasts for the Mexico, WECC, ERCOT, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions. Take this opportunity to listen and ask questions about how new developments in the markets have affected energy price results included in the latest release of our forecast, the Spring 2018 North American Power Reference Case.

You will not want to miss our discussion on:

  • Changes from the Fall 2017 Reference Case forecast,
  • Discussion of electric and fuel market developments and fundamentals,
  • Overview of environmental policy and regulations,
  • Highlights of the evolving renewable landscape, and
  • Factors driving the natural gas and coal markets, and the impacts of the above on future resource mix and prices.

Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: ON24, Live & on-demand webcast