White Paper

Navigating the renewable boom: Three ways to utilize data and analytics to design a successful development process

Demand for wind and solar generation is on the rise. It’s gaining significant popularity with both social awareness and political policy. In fact since 2000, the number of renewable generation owners has grown from 150 to more than 4,000.

So how do you know where, when and how to best enter the market? More importantly, with all the planning, economic and environmental navigating required, how do you ensure it will succeed?

This in-depth Whitepaper describes the best way to design a project from the ground up for success, it reviews pitfalls to avoid and how to assess the three key areas for success.

  • Siting – Does the site have strong resource availability? How will the generated energy flow to demand points? How will a resource connect to these lines and with how much competition? Can the appropriate permits and clearance be approved?
  • Financial assessment – Will this project be curtailed regularly? Can a power purchase agreement (PPA) be negotiated? After the PPA expires, can revenue recovery continue in the merchant energy market? What do these values look like in the future? Will Renewable Portfolio Standards help?
  • Interconnection approval – What is the system impact of interconnection? How does interconnection change the pricing spreads?