North American energy market intelligence

When it comes to building, buying or investing in energy assets, ABB provides proven market intelligence solutions trusted by utilities, investors, banks and developers for supporting reliable investment decisions:


Energy market timely topic presentations and reports

Here is some of the latest intelligence we've gathered about the North American energy markets. These presentations include slides, reports, and related products that inform better energy market decisions.


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Comprehensive energy market forecast data of electricity, fuel and LMP prices.


ABB is a trusted advisor on power markets, energy fuels strategy, fuel fundamentals and energy portfolio risk.


Investment grade data, analytics and visualization.


Intelligence for renewable asset development, assessment of ROI and decision making.

Are you a North American energy market participant? ABB offers comprehensive, accurate and continuously-updated data to help you make informed decisions. Contact us to obtain more information.

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About ABB Energy Portfolio Management

ABB Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) provides a comprehensive offering of information, advisory, and software applications to support energy market participants and market operators to assess infrastructure investments such as new power stations and transmission lines as well as provide critical information and systems to support energy operations. With over 30 years of market experience, EPM supports over 500 customers around the world and improves mission critical investments, trading, and operations decisions.

The EPM customer base is supported by over 200 energy domain employees and EPM Strategic Partners. Our mission is to support critical energy investment decisions and to support efficient energy operations across planning, forecasting, trading, portfolio optimization and market operations.